Brand Story – Auxiwa

Brand Story


Light up your look and bring the best out of your images with Auxiwa. A fully-serviced selfie light company that puts you center stage as you fire up the ambiance of your look. Our products work by attaching to any smartphone device and sending a quick flash out of the front camera whenever you take a photo.

Crafted with quality and a sheer passion to bring the best quality selfie taking experience humanly possible. We pride ourselves in offering unmatched quality and stellar service. We believe in the kind of breathtaking shots that last a lifetime and keep you coming back for selfie after selfie.


We were born out of a deep love for taking photos especially portraits of people. We believe that the human face is beautiful and can only be made better with a great photo! This is why we work tirelessly to bring the best technology to your photos.

You don't have to be a pro to use our products. Simply attach onto your smart phone and your good to start taking gorgeous high-res shots immediately.