How to use ring lights to help your beauty customers take satisfactory photos

There are thousands of beauticians, but to be an excellent beautician, in addition to skilled skills, you must keep up with the times. Upload your work to Instagram and YouTube to let more people know you through social media. Know you and become your customer.

We published this guide today to help your beauty customers take good-looking photos, to have more customers.

1. Illuminate your customers with ring lights 

As we all know, beauticians must have a beauty artifact-QIAYA ring light. The ring light can emit the uniform and soft light so that there is no shadow on the customer's face, and it will not be bright and dark at the same time.

In this way, you can see the details of your face very clearly when you help customers beautify, no matter how it is eyebrow trimming, there is not much error. The light emitted by the ring light is close to natural light, and it is indispensable to create perfect makeup.

2. Use ring lights to take pictures of your customers

After obtaining your client's consent, you can use QIAYA Ring Light to take a set of beautiful photos for your client. Because it is beautiful, it is best to take a set of photos before and after beauty comparison. In this way, customers can not only see the process of becoming beautiful but also praise your technology.

They will share the photos with their friends and family, and will also recommend your business card to them, so you will have many potential customers.

By the way, the most obvious advantage of taking pictures of QIAYA ring light is that it makes the face look more perfect. The ring light shines on the customer's face, and there is more ring light in the eyes. The eyes look more divine. The photos are more charming.

3. Live broadcast using ring lights

After obtaining your client's consent, you can make a live broadcast with QIAYA Ring Light while doing beauty. There is a clip in the middle of the ring light of QIAYA, which is specially used to clip the mobile phone, which is very stable.

Those customers who are eager to try beauty will enter your live broadcast room, watch your live broadcast, and be attracted by your technology. For them, you are no longer so far away from customers.

Through the live broadcast, more people learned about your technology and your storefront, your charges, and your personality charm. Shortly, they may contact you and become your next customer.

4. Understand the necessary knowledge of taking pictures

When taking pictures of your customers, you must understand some of the necessary photography techniques. For example, different customers have to shoot from different angles, up or down ... Once the angle is determined, the light of the ring light must be adjusted accordingly.

The ring lights of QIAYA, regardless of the size of 9 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, or 18inches, can be adjusted in height, and the angle can be adjusted arbitrarily at 360 degrees to adapt to different photographing needs. Moreover, it is very simple to adjust, just learn it.

5. Prepare interesting props

According to the customer's character, choose different props. For example, if the lively customers are in a playful pose, the background paper can be red or yellow. Calm customers, the background paper can choose blue.

You can also prepare more props, such as balloons, shopping bags, bags, dolls ... take pictures as long as the customer likes. With the blessing of props, the photos will be more attractive.

In short, for the beautician, with QIAYA's ring lights, the work will step to a new level. The photos and videos taken will be much more than the ring lights, and uploading them to social media will surely be followed by many people. Do you want to try it?