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How to Take a Good iPhone Selfie - Tips

Picture this: you’ve just gotten ready, done up to the nines. You look in the mirror and can’t help but think, “Dang, I look good! I have to document this moment.” You pull out your iPhone to snap a couple selfies only to realize that the person in the pictures hardly resembles the one in the mirror — your selfies do not reflect how great you look!


Sound familiar? It can be frustrating when your iPhone selfies don’t turn out the way you wanted them to, but there are easy fixes for these problems. Though many people have turned to using filters to solve their selfie woes, many filters are very obvious and don’t look natural.


Using the right combination of camera settings, poses, and selfie accessories (hello, iPhone ring light!) you can take your self portrait game to the next level. Follow these tips to learn how.


iPhone Ring Light

You may have noticed how many lights and lighting accessories — like reflectors, soft boxes, and gels — professional photographers use everyday. This is because lighting has the ability to make or break a photo. This goes for selfies, too.


Ring lights have become a popular tool for many influencers and content creators, and they can often be seen standing in the corner of your favorite TikToker’s room. However, smaller ring lights have been formulated especially for your phone.


Many selfies may turn out looking blurry or dark, and you may have unflattering shadows being cast across your face. This usually has nothing to do with the quality of your phone’s camera, instead it is an indicator of poor light. Many avid selfie-takers know that the best lighting for self portraits is natural, but sometimes that just is not an option.


So what do you do if you want to take a selfie indoors or at night? That’s right — use a ring light for phones! iPhone ring lights are a great way to make your selfies pop.


There are many ring lights currently on the market. Typically, this style clips directly to your phone. The high-powered LED ring light circles your iPhone’s camera (front or back) so that you can get on-demand glam lighting without compromising camera quality.


Most ring lights for phones are rechargeable, so as long as you power them up before a night on the town or a self portrait session, you will have professional-quality selfie lighting right at your fingertips.


Needless to say, iPhone ring lights are a must have if you’re looking to take fabulous selfies.


Work your angles

If your selfies are not up to par, one of the biggest culprits is where you are holding your iPhone. You want to ensure that you are posing and holding your camera at an angle that is flattering to your face.


The height that you hold your iPhone plays a big part in the way your face looks on camera.


If you hold your camera too high, your face will not be in full view for the selfie and may distort your features. From up high, your nose looks especially large and if you are using an iPhone ring light, the top part of your head will be overexposed, which can make it appear that you are balding or have greasy hair. Additionally, this angle can make you appear much shorter than you are. Unless you want your selfie to look like a scene kid’s MySpace profile from 2002, lower your camera!


If you hold your camera too low, get ready to feel self-conscious. Selfies taken from an angle that is too far downward accentuates the bottom half of your face and it may appear like you have a double-chin, even if you don’t. Using a ring light for your phone at this angle will cast unflattering shadows from below, similar to a kid holding a flashlight under their chin while telling spooky stories at the campfire.


Don’t hold your phone dead-on, either! Taking your selfie directly at eye level is a bit awkward for viewers.


Instead, hold your phone just a tad higher than eye level, facing slightly downwards towards you. This angle is universally flattering, as it accurately captures your features without distorting them and your iPhone ring light will not cast shadows on your face.


Use iPhone camera settings to your advantage

iPhones have a remarkable amount of camera settings and editing features that you can tweak to ensure that your selfies will turn out top-notch before or after you snap them.


You can try portrait mode, a camera setting designed to make portraits stand out. It focuses on the subject — in this case, you — and subtly blurs the background to ensure that you are the focus of the photo. Paired with an iPhone ring light, portrait mode will make your selfie look like it was taken by a professional.


Next, you can use the iPhone camera timer for a hands-free selfie experience. Using the automatic timer, you can set your time to 3-10 seconds. The camera will show a countdown on the screen for that time, giving you a moment to prepare your pose or perfect “smize”.


Last, but not least, you can flip your selfie. When you take a selfie, the image is flipped. This can be disconcerting and cause you to feel self-conscious, because although it is the same image, it does not look like you do in the mirror. After you take a selfie, simply click ‘edit’ and ‘flip’ to return your selfie to look like your reflection once again.


While taking selfies can be a time consuming and often exasperating experience, it does not have to be! Using iPhone ring lights, working your angles, and changing your camera settings, you will be sure to feel confident in your selfies and wow your social media followers.