How to stay productive at home during covid-19? 

Affected by the epidemic, many friends have started working from home. Working from home, no commuting, no punching in, no meeting with colleagues, no meeting with the boss, very free! 

However, behind freedom is that working at home is so tiring, even sleeping late than when working! It's hard to concentrate, it's easy to get distracted, one will eat snacks, one will brush social media, one will deal with personal matters.

Many jobs require face-to-face communication, but now they can only communicate on mobile phones or computers. The inconvenience of communication tools makes the team's collaboration efficiency lower. The time passed in a blink of an eye, a lot of work was not completed, so I continued to stay up late.

Yes, behind the seeming freedom, there must be self-discipline to support it.

We have compiled the following tips for you to help you work efficiently at home as always.

1. Create a special area as an office space.

Work must have a sense of ritual. Don’t hold a computer to work on the bed or work on the sofa. Create a place for office work. The best is a separate room, if not, you can open up an area, such as a table.

At the same time, tell family members that there is nothing particularly important during working hours. At the same time, strengthen your cognitive mentality. When you sit here, you must constantly suggest that this is a place to work, you can only work, you can't eat snacks, and you can't go online.

2. Change into work clothes and put them into work.

Working at home does not have to face colleagues, but it does not mean that we can work without washing our face and brushing our teeth, wearing pajamas and slippers. Because dressing and dressing will affect us subconsciously, unconsciously leaving the spirit in a relaxed state and unable to put into work.

It is recommended that you wear the clothes you usually wear at work, or loose and comfortable clothes, and tell yourself: I am working now! Packing yourself clean will make you feel comfortable working.

3. Make a daily list and strictly enforce it!

Before work, every day, write a list of today, according to the importance of things, list today's things to do. And strict implementation, just like working in a company.

After the work is over, remember to tick the completed ones, analyze the reasons for the incomplete ones, or include them in the work plan for the next day.

4. Complete tasks according to your office efficiency.

At different times, everyone's work efficiency is different. Use it, the work efficiency will be much higher.

For example, 10-11 am, the work efficiency is particularly high, then arrange for yourself some brain-burning work, such as thinking about a plan. And at 3-4 pm, it is particularly easy to be sleepy, so do some relatively easy work, such as checking information and replying to emails to customers.

5. Eat on time and exercise hard

During an outbreak, it is very important to have a good body. Eat on time, eat less junk food, and eat more healthy food.

Even when working from home, don't forget to exercise. After work, run on the treadmill, practice yoga, or do sit-ups, and do some fitness exercises with keep. Even if it is only half an hour, punching cards every day will be effective.

6. Make some adjustments according to your industry

As we all know, many industries have been affected by the epidemic, such as physical stores can not open, customers can not visit the store experience. Think about it carefully, why not record the video or take a live broadcast to your product or brand for maximum exposure?

If you are a fitness instructor, you may not be able to open the gym for business now. You can record your fitness video and upload it to social platforms such as YouTube so that your students can watch your video at home to exercise together.

Similarly, yoga instructors can do the same.

If you are the owner of a clothing store, you can take some photos of your own clothes display, or go in person and open a live broadcast of clothes to try on, so that customers can shop online.

If you are a food blogger, you can take advantage of the epidemic and make some food that is suitable for home cooking, there will definitely be many people who like it. Not only can you increase interaction with fans, but also maintain your exposure.

For this, you will need higher quality lighting equipment, such as QIAYA’s 9-inch ring lights. It consists of LED bulbs, which can still emit very bright light in the dark and can make up for the shortcomings in home lighting.

For details such as clothes and food, using ring lights to fill the light can remove shadows and maximize the beauty of the photo. If you shoot people, use the ring lights of QIAYA, there will be ring lights in your eyes, and the model looks even more divine.

It has three color modes, white, warm, and warm yellow, and each color mode can be adjusted to 10 levels. Food photos are generally taken for appetite and can be adjusted to warm yellow.

Its size is 9 inches high and can be adjusted automatically or placed on a table. Moreover, it can also adjust the angle at will, Easily obtain lighting from different angles. It's very convenient.

The epidemic will always pass. If you insist on improving work efficiency during this time, you will not forget to study hard and make progress secretly. After the epidemic, you will be greeted with more opportunities.